I know this was written somewhat tongue-in-cheek and I have applauded your effort in succeeding. However... That being said. Although, as a poet of some extremely minor note, I would challenge anything claiming to be poetry, I take exception to this. Too many people simply throw their weight around without having any particular knowledge and bully people into doing things. And I am not talking about you and your daughter.

I don’t like most of the “poetry” I see on Medium. But that’s a matter of taste, isn’t it? And most of it, in real terms, expresses “non-fiction,” a reality that is or has occurred in a person’s life. Not some fantasy. So, had it been me, I would have stood up to this editor.

And I’ve been “bullied” in essence off of several publications because editors like to have things their own way. That’s their right. But it doesn’t MAKE THEM RIGHT.

Writers have to have things their own way. As long as the writing can communicate with their audience...that’s all that matters. And that’s all editors should be concerned with.

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