I haven’t yet read everything you’ve written. I always read the comments when I do read something. I note that here most of the comments—as usual—merely state how wonderful you are and how inspirational your words are. Perhaps it is just me. But I don’t see the inspiration. I’ve seen this sort of thing too many times in my life. The quotes you’ve pulled from bestsellers do nothing for me. They add no depth, rhetorically, to what you are saying—which is most genuine—or what you are doing—which is, in a word, quite challenging, especially at this moment in time. But these are, conceivably, very convincing to this audience. Again.

I am not jaded. I have simply lived a very full life and I am very well educated. You will not find a great deal of that here. Again, it is nothing more than a difference between them and myself.

And, generally, I try my best not to show it. I’m rather here to have a good time, make friends and help people out.

But, if you are genuine I’d rather not put that sort of mask on and play the fool. But I am not that sort of back-slapper, either. I can be and usually am a very supportive person. But when it comes to matters of education and growth “support” has so little to do with back-slapping.

Sharing personal vulnerability is something common on the internet. I do it sometimes once I’ve made friends. It can be productive, with friends, in creating the kind of bonds that move one towards work growth in other areas. As is the case in all friendships