I have several thoughts (oh, is that me? do I do that?).

First, you said you don’t actually want to be associated with this so that you’d have to answer all the questions about it (as least not as your own sweet identity) and in order to avoid that you would have to publish as a new ID if you publish on Medium.

However, opening up a new ID means going through all the BS of establishing that new ID to qualify for the MPP before you even see a dime and doing it before the end of the year. Do you want to go through that?

Flip a coin.

I’d say bite the bullet and answer those questions for the newbies and all the old hats who didn’t read the old stuff (IDIOTS!!!). Better yet, write those answers into NEW POSTS! TA DA! And turn your sour lemons into pina coladas. (Hey, I read the old stuff just to see those pictures of you in the weird showers...)

And do it all in a new publication.


I’d also say go for that book. Nothing beats a book. That is coming from a failed author, so you can trust every word. No kidding. But, seriously, you have a built-in audience. People love you (I know I do) and you have a damned track record. You could actually find an agent and a publisher (unlike the rest of us...) and make some money. Think of the possibilities. A real bed for Dezi instead of whatever the heck she’s sleeping on now.

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