I don’t know. A matter of “binary” or of “black and white” thinking? If, through some sort of magic (and, trust me, I don’t believe in magic) you could clean up EITHER party, even both, or manage to inject solid third and fourth parties into the system, wouldn’t politics improve, at least? Or would they? Look at the European examples. Are they much better? More successful? If so, only slightly and for brief periods. Just like us: slightly and for brief periods.

Is it politics at all? Or is it capitalism? Media? Some combination of the three? And that at a particular moment in time that exacerbates the total effect?

As a long-time member of the DSA, who as a teen belonged to the YSL and SDS, I look forward to a day when things might change. But I’m not holding my breath, metaphorically. Still, I do like breathing and seeing other people breathe in reality. And somehow something has to make that possible.

Nice to talk it up. Let’s see what happens when the barricades are built.

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