I donate to local charities like St. Judes as well as Native American children's organiztion. But mostly animal and wildlife and one especially, the All Mosta Ranch Montana. "The mission of the AMR is to provide a sustainable quality of life for abused, dispaced, neglected, or unwanted farm animals, while enriching the lives of children and adults of all abilities through them." So I'd vote for them because hardly anyone even knows they are around.

However, on a more complex note, I've been around (off and on) since 2016 and, other than simply and directly writing another story to tell this story, I haven't a clue how one might "share" this without seeming obtuse or abusive of Medium etiquette.

Note your own rules on sharing the links to stories, not uncommon on the platform. Many are even more restrictive. And one is considered absolutely rude to force links into the response section of others' stories...

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