I could say SO much (who, me?) and I find myself jumping in two feet first right away, after coming to know you here on Day One (!!!) but...

When you said “100% just” I couldn’t help myself.

Recall what you said in another article that becomes relevant: “No lifestyle is cruelty-free, but reducing the violence others go through is one of the most meaningful things we could ever do.” You grasped this most crucial concept. Good.

I know you were probably being a bit metaphorical with "100% just." Still, you went to the bit about Carmen being “Little Red Robbin’ Hood” and that made the point in MY mind clearer.

There is no “100% just” of course, except in cartoons (My Little Pony?) only better or worse. And when you said things on the internet do “more harm than good” there are also things that do more good than harm, and THAT is very much the point, on the internet and everywhere else. To do more good than harm. Forget the 100% business.

So, someone steals from the rich and gives to some museum? What does the museum do with it? Whose interest does the museum serve? Perhaps, for example, those museums that also steal from the Egyptians or the Jews. Someone steals from the rich and gives to “a charity”? Have you noticed what some of the charities do? Not all of them are so noble, either.

Life is not so black and white (or red) nor easily maneuvered through and it would be nice if TV and games could actually make people THINK to the depths of these matters rather than the surfaces they are quite literally forced to present. For people like you and I and other writers who have to also maneuver through them when we discuss them.

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