I agree with the tone and the essence of the article. I am uncertain if “proselytization” is the appropriate means, however. “Promotion” perhaps is the better vehicle, and you seem to stress that as well. Promoting the positives of Judaism and the Jewish people, the Jewish contribution to world culture. You only mention antisemitism once, I believe. Especially lately I think this is more and more of an issue (although myself I don’t believe it to be as much of one as some others...yet). Perhaps “promotion” and not “proselytization” would be a good counter-balance to it.

I am a secular Jew. And exclusively so. I have no religious ties at all. No religious beliefs. I think proselytization is a negative, always, regardless of the religion involved. For Judaism, perhaps more so, because of its historical situation.

Yet promotion does seem to be a positive. Cultural promotion does have benefits for other “religiously oriented” beliefs, whether Tibetan Buddhists or Confucians or Native Americans and many others. Some even once deemed hostile and murderous. Wiccans once burned at the stake as witches now find a niche acceptance. Surely there would be room at the table for lowly Jews!!!

And perhaps even at the table of Palestinians, Christian and Islamic. Not for the sake of conversion, but simply for the sake of learning and acceptance. To learn to think of Jews as something other than “killers” and “devils.”

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