Human spark versus human frailty. Human error versus human recognition. That has been the conundrum ever since we've been aware of the distinction between man and machine. Nothing we've accomplished yet will overcome it. I'm uncertain we should believe the propaganda. It's being sold to us by the rich and the deluded (in the pay of the rich) who believe we (the not rich) are doomed. I've seen no evidence yet that it is anything other than propaganda or speculation. Hype, just more hype to keep us distracted while the world falls apart. I could always be wrong (I often am) but at least there's nothing in it that shows a way forward to genuinely solve our problems. For that alone it serves as a distraction.

Don't be so hard on yourself (as usual!!). Everyone gets distracted by these things that are so purposely sent out by these people to distract us. And where are you but in the very Land Of Distraction? The Home of Distraction itself. How can you avoid such things? I'm surprised you aren't more of a sports fan! Are you not interested in basketball yet? Skateboarding? I hear they've got Werner Herzog interested in skateboarding!! That's a coup! So don't be so hard on yourself. If they can get to Werner, surely you too are vulnerable.

You are loved. Relax. Take it easy. Keep searching. You will find whatever you are looking for. If you get distracted, enjoy the distractions. Just don't let them hurt you or distract you for too long.

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