Having left cities behind and spending the last few years propagating the idea that people should do the same en masse, I am more and more beginning to think that, perhaps, we should—at least simultaneously—go on a mission to take back the cities as well. All as part of the program to undo or reclaim capitalism. My San Francisco—the place I call home though it is 2500 miles away—and my New York, the place of my birth and youth—the place of the Leonards I friggin’ remember BTW, where my friend Peter spotted the first red-tailed hawk in New York City—is being lost to a level of nihilism that hasn’t existed there since the days of the slave ships that sailed illegally out of New York harbor, bankrolled by Lehman Brothers and others on Wall Street.

But look at those skies!! Those clouds and rainbows tell a different story, don’t they? They talk about the hope still alive in the majority of people on the ground. It's still possible...isn't it?

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