For pity sake, please don’t. What a trash barrel LA is. I wish all the fires centralized there and burned it to ash. Unfortunately, the smoke would probably make what’s happening in the Imperial Valley worse. (BTW, if you can get your hands on a copy of Vollmann’s Imperial Valley, a marvelous read +...)

If and when you ever get this or something else published somehow THEN you’ll see these creepies come crawling out of the wall. And not for sex...

“Oh, I can sell it for you.” “Oh, we can write a screenplay for you.” “Oh, we can turn this into a Netflix series for you.” “Oh, we have a track record and can turn this around in no time and make a movie for you!” I get these every week and they’re all from shysters.

If my books were so marketable I’d be able to sell them myself. I give them away for free and no one reads them. Looks like you are picking up readers, though. That's nice!

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