Biden himself was too moderate to begin with, he created a false front, and that is where the problems start. Expectations were too high when we needed something less moderate.

First, there truly are only two Democratic “moderates” in the Senate and they are no longer “moderates.” Kyrsten Sinema is simply an outlier at this point, someone without a clear agenda other than to make a name for herself (and, perhaps, establish a clothing business after politics). Joe Manchin is a conservative Democrat somewhat to the right of his predecessor, Robert Byrd. And far more power-hungry. He has established himself as a loner in his state, running against Democrats as well as Republicans for the sake of his own power and wealth, so doing the same in the Senate is no surprise.

As far as “Republican support” for anything is concerned, Biden is lucky to have spent as much time in the Senate as he had, and made the friendships he had, in order to get the few inches of support he has been able to obtain. He will likely die without much bi-partisan support. Literally. McConnell learned during the Obama years exactly how to wield his power. And he is doing it again. He cares nothing for friendships across the aisle. And he maintains power within his own ranks like a dictator.

No one wants to see Trump disappear more than I but holding him accountable for “treason” may be the worst possible move. Jailing those around him—scum like Bannon—would be almost harmless. But attempting to put Trump himself in jail would cause a civil war.

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