First, not only can you publish on your own profile, you can start your own (and multiple) publications through which you can draw in many other writers and thus plenty of publicity (attracting people, ultimately, to your own writing).

All of this enters the algorithm. And no surprise these numbers do just as well at times as the “big publications.”

Plenty get turned down or ignored when they submit to publications. Happens to everyone and for all sorts of reasons including the egotism and incompetence of the publication editors. Trust me on that (having been an editor...). Challenges to your “authenticity” are not rare, either, because so many on the platform actually are fake.

Simply forge ahead. Ignore the waves. Enjoy the ride!

Actually, I’ve never been inside a dispensary (not that kind) but I’ve heard all sorts of stories. In my day (ahem!) I dealt with street pushers and dealers in apartments. Today I hook up with a very pleasant young man in the parking lot of a local electronics store. We live in Tennessee and the day when we have a dispensary is, I think, far off. Not far out.

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