Everyone needs an editor. I NEED AN EDITOR!

How do you work wearing perfume? You have so much, you must wear it all the time. Doesn't it bother your patients? If my dentist wore perfume... I don't know what I could do. My wife cannot smell anything except eggs and vanilla or whatever she doesn't like to smell for some reason.

Honestly I think you should write more about everyday life there. At least that's what I find so fascinating. That story you wrote about the small grocer was terrific. And you do it so well, you know how to include detail and engage the reader with what the other people in your stories are doing.

So, probably, I wish YOU had a publication.

There are so many writers from India here now and for some reason they never write about home. Why? Are they embarrassed? Are they afraid? I don't understand it. Even if for some reason they don't like it where they are THEY SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THAT.

I did have my own publication and I gave it up so that I could be far more of an irresponsible idiot under someone else's responsibility. Actually I still do have another publication, but only publish about climate change so no one reads it because no one cares about that.

And I did read that piece about your husband and brother, I remember it. I should have visited India (and many other places) when I was young and could get around better. I do recall being told how dusty it was, especially in certain places. But, between Gandhi and Nehru, two of my heroes growing up, I missed something I think.

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