Every day I come here and see someone calling themselves an “empath” and my bullshit meter runs into the red zone.

But if you’ve ever read any of my stories about my past life, especially in New York and San Francisco, then you know I’ve run into a lot of people who were genuine...whatever. Sometimes, that’s all it is. “All,” of course, being something of a misnomer.

Always someone is trying, somewhere, to find some rational explanation for it, running experiments in labs. Sometimes they have some measurable success, even.

These folks often fall off “the grid” and work any way they can. They used to work in carneys. But there aren’t very many carneys any longer. I just read an article in Harper’s Magazine about a woman who works as a “crow whisperer.” She goddamn well talks to crows and they talk back! People pay her to get the crows to stop hassling them. And it works, always.

There isn't always a rational explanation because you can't always discover a way to measure everything.

Mediums—the real ones—are deep empaths, REAL ONES, not fake, self-anointed ones (the kind you find around here...).

Sounds like you may have lucked out. And I'm glad for you. Even if you didn't.

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