Children were being abducted when I was a child. Parents warned us "Don't take candy from strangers" and "Don't get into a stranger's car" and "Don't go home with strangers." Other than that, we were left alone. And some of us, like me for example, were left completely alone, sometimes all day.

I was never kidnapped.

Children have been killed and kidnapped since the beginning of time. Just like lightning has killed people since the beginning of time. You cannot control everything that happens in life.

But, today, parents are GOING CRAZY because of THE MEDIA and SOCIAL MEDIA making them FEEL GUILTY.

Which is why, instead of kids walking to school, or going on a school bus, you have hundreds of private cars every morning and afternoon and lots of very grumpy parents.


I don't want any child to die. But most do at the hands of their own parents. FACT.

Most are kidnapped by their own family. FACT.

So I'd stop feeling so guilty about it and relax. But don't sit and use the Play Station. Go outside and play catch or soccer with your son.

Plus, we are starting to turn the corner, slowly, on gasoline. We just need to push harder on making more electric fuel stations available and electric trucks and cars affordable.

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