Certainly, being somewhat familiar with you, I would hope you see the obvious problems here. First, so many people play this zero-sum game with “the other” in so many categories. But, crucially, when you moved from the previous paragraph to this one, you managed, in my eye, to go from “men do this, but women don’t” while, obviously, pointing to the fact that women do! “Men have power, so women don’t,” is the obverse of “Women are taking away my power,” is it not? While it is difficult in practical terms to see it functioning, in the abstract this is clearly the case. And when a woman takes a seat on the Supreme Court, does that not, in practical terms, deny that seat to a man? Which, unfortunately, feeds back to the point about those men obsessed with “the other,” proving their point (to them).

We also tend to neglect the potential role that media plays here, regardless of how unmeasurable it may be. Some to the good and some not. I would hope we are slowly moving past the days of a Kitty Genovese and Ted Bundy, even though we are not past the days of a Sarah Everard...nor, sadly, will we ever be.

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