Brian, winning ALWAYS meant everything. The only difference today is that they’ve come up (they think) with new ways to achieve the goal. And some people have ALWAYS thought baseball was boring and sooner or later many people do because they don’t like the pacing or they end up with no one to talk to while they are watching it.

Because having someone to talk to while you are watching it is the only thing that makes it enjoyable. That’s always been the case and always will be.

The pacing of football and basketball allows you to watch them by yourself, enjoy them by yourself. You don’t need company. If you want to share facts about the game or its history, you don’t even have the time to do so while the game is taking place. You have to wait until it’s over.

That’s why you can now watch condensed games and recaps on MLB.COM instead of having to sit through an entire game. Makes life so much more livable. Assuming you have no one to enjoy the games with.

As for the rest... If you know baseball history then you know baseball has always kept up with the times one way or the other. Perhaps not at the pace it’s doing now but always. Everyone is moving at a faster pace now (again) and that’s life.

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