Being older, one’s initial response would be, “They are getting this from their parents,” and this may be true. However, being somewhat wiser now because of age I know that regardless of what their parents think they are getting this from social media which drives the thoughts of all thoughtless people today, including the young.

It also drives the thoughts of all who find themselves feeling helpless or trapped or lacking confidence in their position. All who feel weakened for any reason. These feelings need to be fought back whenever possible.

How many of the people you are speaking about are “native” to New Zealand? How many not indigenous? Think in those terms and rearrange your thinking for a moment. Are forces gathering on that basis in any fashion? Is that a natural process?

I went back the other day and canvassed all the online and old-fashioned Jewish media responses to the Charlottesville gathering in 2017. It was the same. “Antisemitism on the rise” “We feel afraid” “Our children are being threatened” “We will not be replaced” (that was the origin of the slogan, remember...).

{ Skip this part if you choose; MANSPLAINING AHEAD: JUMP TO THE NEXT PART... I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the rise of organizations like the PLO and others who began in the early 1970s to hijack airplanes and luxury liners and kill people. Before then, Arabs and Muslims in general were treated around Europe and the non-Muslim world like dirt. Palestinians were treated, even within the Arab world, like dirt. It’s a pity it took such terror to make the point that they were deserving of more respect. They have it now, but, of course, it isn’t exactly the kind of respect they’d want to have. (It’s not the kind I’d want.)

But those actions drove the rise, at the time, of a flurry of new antisemitic violence throughout the world, and not only directly from the terror groups themselves. And it came, of course, during a period of uprising and upheaval in general.

Most agree it was a direct response to the ’67 war. And most agree that the 180 degree change in attitude from Syria, Egypt and most especially Jordan about the Palestinians was based upon the actions of the PLO at that time. This was good for them...but it only fueled more antisemitic feeling around the world.

However, it also put the non-Muslim world on notice: Don’t fuck with us. Take us seriously from now on. The hijacking stopped for the most part. But the handling of Muslims as third-class citizens did as well.

On it’s own this didn’t resolve anything in Israel, but it changed the playing field everywhere else and the atmosphere in, for example, the UN. We have to deal with this historic travesty. They, too, have been fucked over. They responded differently because they had different options. DONE}

The problem we are facing is POLITICAL on both sides. Actually, on THREE sides. Likud wants to stay in power, so continues to goad Hamas. And vice versa. Except that Hamas doesn’t need the votes...they can merely twist arms or shoot people in the head.

It’s the third side that you, me and everyone else needs to worry about. The people who wait for moments like this and use them to control the uninformed.

Unfortunately, as usual, that’s a battle we can only win with as many allies as we can gain. And we cannot gain allies by arguing with people who are potential allies. Something I see happening over and over and over and over.

Let Ted Cruz call out AOC for "antisemitism" because everyone who has any sense knows he is an idiot and a liar. Yes, the rise in antisemitism is real. It always is at moments like this. But let's keep our guns holstered. Let us only shoot at real targets and make certain that we confirm to the world we are not Chicken Little.

Your hopes are genuine. Others are, unfortunately, flying off the handle. On all sides. As per usual.

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