At first I defended Terry. Even for a while after this article. But she was fired. That why this article was written. And only a few days later, despite the fact that I continued defending her, she BLOCKED me. To this day I don't know why (and obviously cannot ask). She was in a bad situation with her father (? mother?) being ill and having to take care of him, which I believe was the crux of her situation and her dependence on the AI, one of the reasons I thought firing her was over the top. But she definitely was fired.

Mehmet is not usually that hard-nosed with his editors. But once he gets wind of something going wrong he will deal with them. Lots of people accuse him of having a God complex (while some of those accusers actually do). He runs things his way. I've never seen him behave unfairly with a writer. I can't say that of many publishers. I've had my own very open complaints about Illumination and I've never had any blowback from him.

Anyway, thanks for reading, Elizabeth and Happy New Year to you and the family!!

Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of the straightforward & strange. “Women zai shuo ba.” Be useful; share what you can; help others always. Doctor of texts.

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