And yet the performative, and what becomes of the grievable, goes so far even beyond race and gender, and so far beyond the group. To speak of it, directly, in terms of the individual experience is so necessary. Especially in terms of inhibiting unnecessary violence.

The last time—before this last time—that I disappeared from Medium was for political, not health reasons. I went to work for Marquita Bradshaw’s Senate campaign which was fairly time-consuming. She would have been, with Kamala Harris as VP, the only Black woman in the Senate, except that she lost (by a landslide, of course...something I say in retrospect, only). Her life-long work was for environmental justice, especially for the Black communities in the cities that are condemned to live around fossil-fuel and waste sites, a national problem. And this is most clearly part of the necropolitical circumstance. Why I felt committed to working for her, something I had not done with such fervor since I worked for Tom Hayden back in the 70s.

When I commented upon that “coincidence” about Brazil... It is a focus in my new book and involves the trans community there and how they are suffering (more than usual) under the Bolsonaro dictatorship.

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