And here, finally, I disagree with you.

Because, no matter what, we are human, and our art, no matter what, is the product of our human-ness, a reflection of it, for better or worse, no matter who does what with it for what purposes or what someone outside thinks about it.

We may imagine what will happen in some future. We can project beliefs about gods and aliens and machines that will rampage so that we no longer exist. Fine. But they will not produce out art. They will only gather it at best, destroy it at worst.

In the meantime, we remain human and retain human qualities and human goals and perspectives. One is to survive, and one is to produce art.

I suppose somewhere along the line, there has always been a human perspective to submit, submit even unto DEATH. But I am not that type of human myself. I will fight to live, to survive, to create. And to keep whatever imagined gods, aliens and futuristic machines from taking over.

And in the meanwhile, I will also fight the wealthy and their malicious scams to keep their wealth and maintain their power while keeping the poor enslaved through these new scams like cryptocurrency. New false disruptions and distractions that keep us from making the real socialistic changes we need to raise people out of the poverty and misery they live in.

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