Also in part because some “super woke” dude who likes comics questioned me I was thinking all night about how to better position this matter.

We cannot allow ourselves to fall into language traps because they allow us to become bigoted, ultimately. We start calling people “Karens” indiscriminately or using the “N” word or saying things like “mansplaining” out of place and before we know it we have violence.

Deborah Tannen has studied the fundamental difference between male and female approaches to communication for decades. Before she became something of a “media darling” more recently, she was a rather serious academic. And still is.

Nothing exists in black and white. However, there is what appears to be a biological foundation for this fundamental distinction in communication differences. This does not allow for dominance or violence. Only a distinction between the two genders in form.

And there are, naturally, gradations in form among the two genders—again, shades of gray. Some of these are extreme and caused by trauma. Some trauma leading to violent and near violent behaviors.

Much of the “mansplaining” behaviors stem from a combination of this natural distinction with social structures—patriarchy in general or specific terms—that have fallen into place AND, in many cases, are heightened by the presence of trauma.

So, how's THAT for some "super woke" mansplaining? Huh? HUH?

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