After reading all of this, now that I have returned to "the regular order," I am worried about how I operate. I never do these things intentionally, consciously. The question I have to pose to myself, now, is, must I begin to consciously NOT do these things? I often link, casually, to someone else's articles in my own, or mention them in or at the ends of my pieces, sometimes just to draw their attention or just to thank them in some fashion. And I ALWAYS have considered it part of due diligence to read around, but especially those people I follow and publications where I publish, and to clap (where appropriate) and respond (hopefully, where and in an appropriate manner). But, again, after all this, I'm beginning to wonder if all this "innocent" behavior could be seen as malicious. Then, not to mention all this reference to plagiarism... I'm not certain how you are defining it beyond "recycling." But if it goes beyond that, which is definitely disturbing, it definitely is frightening.

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