Actually I WAS worried. I thought you had fallen asleep while reading, banged your head on something and been sent to the hospital...

Glad you're still alive!!!

I’ve always been a fan of Raymond Chandler’s line in response to someone who said: “Oh, he’s a good lawyer...”

“If he was good, he wouldn’t be a lawyer.”

Laws are built upon technicalities and those are built upon the suspicion of what might hurt you, usually financially. So that the “you” is, more often than not, a rich person. Ethics, on the other hand, generally apply to everyone across the board.

Guess what? Ev Williams is not “one of us.” And we are playing in his yard. Can we move, ethically, beyond his legal standards? Sure. But doing so might be considered a violation of what he expects as a standard for his platform. That’s the part you need to wait to hear about.

Let’s look at it this way...

Again, go back to the rules for publications. When Ev started the platform publications, his “ethical” guidelines were established the same way every other publication established theirs. By the rules. Which, of course, he made. But still, the same rules every Medium publisher follows. When Muhammad started “My Selections,” when I started my publication yesterday, we were allowed to do, in essence, whatever we wanted, by the rules, as long as we didn’t get Medium sued...which basically goes back to the rules for publishing ARTICLES and nothing else.

Because there is no established ethic for publications. Ev didn’t believe there needed to be one or should be one. No limits. And if you look around the platform that is what you will find, no limits. Whatever sells gets published. And many times what doesn’t sell.

As long as Medium does not get sued. Ethics has nothing to do with it.

Now, if we REALLY started trying to be ethical (a game I am toying with in my new publication) we’d probably go out of business very fast. Ev probably knows this as well, even if he wanted to be ethical. I don’t know the guy. I’m not sure I’m in a position to judge him.

The kind of ethical line you’re talking about wouldn’t make a difference. But then the question becomes where does it stop? What about the line I’m trying to draw? Why not go that far? But then, who am I to create that standard? Why is my ethical standard the standard to follow? Just because I think it is important?

So, in the same vein, why is yours? You see? Why is anyone’s? That’s what makes ethics more difficult than the law.

And that’s why we curse a lot.

Which is why they might come back with a “do whatever you want” kind of response. Or why they won't respond at all.

Making it your responsibility to change your publication rules and adhere to them. But they would not be Medium’s rules.

Which would make your publication’s rules awkward. Which does happen. But isn’t the best situation in the world.

All speculation, of course, but...there you are. The result of a master’s in philosophy. That’ll teach you a lesson.

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