Actually, I doubt the Palestinians see Jewish growth as a positive right now under any conditions, and certainly not something being done for their benefit. Perhaps if “certain Jews” could be “corralled” and, let’s say, the nicer ones only allowed near any Palestinians for a decade or so until tempers cooled down... And perhaps if “growth” could be done vertically instead of horizontally... You know? In high-rises instead of outward into more of the Palestinian territories.

Plus, didn’t you say you lived in my old shtetl of NYC? The place of my birth? Where every time you turn around you bump into another Jew? How could you be so isolated? I feel badly for you if that’s the case and I empathize. I’ve been the only Jew for hundreds of miles in radius for decades and I know the feeling. It is awful not being able to be totally “yourself” around someone, I know. My heart cries for you, sincerely, darn you. Your brilliance alone should be bringing you glory and more. Be brave.

You’re so idealistically concerned about Israel. If (when) they come for us again, I don’t think Israel will help us, unless we are there. And even if we are there, then what? To be in a place where so many Jews hate Jews, or care so little about them, or are so self-serving! This is not a place I am desperate to see.

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