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Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of the straightforward & strange. “Women zai shuo ba.” Be useful; share what you can; help others always. Doctor of texts.
two shades of blue papercut design for the initial letter “A” with a tree and various birds plus a full moon behind the branches and a raccoon at bottom
two shades of blue papercut design for the initial letter “A” with a tree and various birds plus a full moon behind the branches and a raccoon at bottom

Like this hasn’t been done before…

The story of my stories

rows of standing, old fashioned yellow computer discs

There is no proper and neat way to do this.

So one has to find the “best” way, one’s personal way around it until someone else does find the truly best way.

Of course, others claim to have found the best way…if you understand coding and computer science, which I do not. So, screw them. …


Not again

Once again (sorry, Ann) someone took a look at me and pronounced me similar to Donald Sutherland.

I’ve never been photogenic, not even as a baby, as you can see. Either fat or ugly or both. Even when I was neither. Or old. Can’t say I’m not old. …

Homelessness is one of the worst problems in this country, getting worse by the hour because A) no one is doing anything concrete to stop it and B) too many people are doing everything to make it worse.


As a fiction writer, I try to squeeze this in all the time. As a non-fiction writer I do what I can. As a poet…it is a tough sell.

As an activist you find yourself talking to a wall half the time and that wall is usually part of an Airbnb that was recently converted from a nice condo that was, a few years ago, an apartment with a reasonable rent. Yes, there’s your housing crisis in a nutshell. Don’t blame the people living in the tents.

Heather Pegas has published a sweet story on the subject in Two Minutes Alone you might want to read if you care.


Somewhere, but fortunately not here

Over the years, friends have pestered me with questions about how it came to be that a boy of fourteen found himself living alone, working to support himself as an adult.

That would be me, by the way.

I’ve told the story and written about it so many different ways…


A song of the South

Every third day I bake biscuits. Every other third day I bake cookies. About once every ten days, perhaps once a week or when things are slow, once every two weeks, I’ll bake a cake.

I cook every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, for at least two people, as well…

A few days ago climate activist Greta Thunberg told the world she would be boycotting the COP26 in November, saying it was all, “Blah, blah, blah,” and, as usual, would accomplish nothing.

She was right, of course. Here, today, the most effective part of our climate promises are being left on the butcher block. It’s being blamed on Joe Manchin, as usual. He is the villain. But should he be? He deserves a great deal of blame.

But his partner from West Virginia, Sen. Capito, says she is “vehemently opposed” to the legislation.

And what’s the difficultly twisting two or three arms across the aisle to get this vital bill passed? Are there not any Republicans concerned with the health and welfare of the nation and the future of our children? Are they all so deeply in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry?

Manchin doesn’t deserve all the blame.

Texas is in the news again and why are we not surprised not for anything good?

Now, due to a law their benighted Good White Christian governor Greg Abbott signed into law last June, the woman in charge of telling teachers what to do with their classroom textbooks each year felt it was incumbent upon her to advise them to make certain, “if they have a book about the Holocaust in their classroom, they should give students access to a book from an ‘opposing’ perspective.”

And all this comes about, honestly, not because Texans are a bunch of cross-burning anti-Semites (although, to tell you the truth? I’ve been there and one heck of a lot of them are…) but because that House Bill 3979 was rushed into law to push back on the Devil’s Work of “critical race theory” that Good White Christian Texans knew was corrupting children.

Alan Asnen

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