Possessor of Paul Newman eyes. Author of the straightforward & strange. “Women zai shuo ba.” Be useful; share what you can; help others always. Doctor of texts.

The story of my stories

rows of standing, old fashioned yellow computer discs

There is no proper and neat way to do this.

So one has to find the “best” way, one’s personal way around it until someone else does find the truly best way.

Of course, others claim to have found the best way…if you understand coding and computer science, which I do not. So, screw them. …


Saturday Poetry Prompt: cutting up the forms

[NOTE: I’m cheating here. When don’t I?]

You’ve all heard of The Dead Poets Society. Back in grad school we had a group, The Lazy Poets Society, that met weekly in one of the small auditoriums (yes, there was a cave nearby, but, lazy as we were, we wanted an…


Why are TikTok and Instagram so popular? Why are they stealing the audience from Facebook?

Because, unfortunately, words are rather boring.

All by themselves, at least.

Which is why so many publishers on this platform so long ago made the drastic mistake of limiting visuals (photographs, graphics) to one only at the top of each story.

Go from one publication to another, research their rules and you’ll see it plain as marshmallows in hot cocoa. Well…before they melt (you don’t let them melt, do you?).

When I came to Medium as an honest-to-gosh writer — but with a background in graphics — these rules simply didn’t make any sense to me. When I saw the difference in remuneration (that’s how much money you earn for those of you who didn’t study Latin) between wordy stories and “picture book” stories…WOWIE!

So, urge your pubs to change!

People always ask: “Who is your favorite poet on Medium?”

I don’t have one, nor have I a favorite poet, generally, a song, movie, book. I have a favorite baseball team…that’s easy! I adore several poets and one whose work I feel a great passion for because of her genuineness.

Alan Asnen

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